Playa de las Americas on Tenerife

One of the most popular holiday destinations in the winterseason, is located on the south side of Tenerife and is called Playa de Las Americas. The area was built up for tourists 40 years ago and has since been a wellknown and loved destination for tourists from all over Europe. In winter, the main weight of the tourists come from Norway, Sweden, Holland, Germany and the U.K. Here you will find a 15 km long shoreline, with promenades, shops, restaurants and lots of hotels, all arranged for you to relax in the sun. The nearby resorts of Los Christianos and Fañabe, with great beaches and beautiful flowers, are in walking distance.

This resort town is the largest in Tenerife and has over 500 large and some smaller hotels. The climate here on the southern tip of Tenerife is the best on the island, and you will seldom experience clouds or rain, but more common is the sun, the sun and the sun again! In winter there are usually between 20 and 26 degrees during the day and the temperature in the ocean is like 18-21 degrees, so it's fine to take a dip in the Atlantic Ocean while you are here on vacation.

Some recommended restaurants here must be first and foremost, La Rana. This fancy restaurant allows you to cook your own food on the table. Molino Blanco and Coeur de filet are other good places to eat, the latter perhaps the best on the meat dishes in the city. You can also find a variety of tapas bars where food is located in the bar, and the menu is determined from day to day, depending on what the markets has to offer of fresh food. The Canarian potatoes with mojo is a sure winner, salt and strong, and fits perfectly with a glass of Dorado beer.

Playa de Las Americas is probably really a destination that is suitable for holidaymakers of all ages. A short distance from the airport and close to places to visit, such as Mount Teide, making your holiday destination to a very suitable place to spend a couple of weeks under the sun and blue sky. Enjoy your vacation to Playa de las Americas!