San Sebastian La Gomera

San Sebastian is the largest city of La Gomera and the place where most visitors to the island arrive. Fast boats take you from the tourist resort of Los Cristianos on Tenerife in only 45 minutes. The city of San Sebastian offers a friendly and beautiful appearance that is typical of the smaller Canary Islands.

Most people forget about the smaller islands like La Palma, El Hierro and La Gomera, when they are planning a holiday to the Canary Islands. But these islands are definitley worth a visit.

The locals, backpackers and package tourists on day trips from Tenerife meet at sidewalk restaurants around the square in San Sebastian. The athmosphere is relaxed, and children and older people can be seen playing. Below the square is a large beach with black lava sand. Affordable guesthouses and apartments are easy to be found, but not the big hotels you see in Tenerife and Gran Canaria.

The city has a handful of hotels, including the state-owned "Parador Nacional Conde de la Gomera" who is by far the finest with four stars and a splendid Canarian architecture. It is situated on a hill above the town with beautiful views of Tenerife.

San Sebastian is best known as the place where Christopher Columbus left when he discovered America in 1492. Here you can learn a lot about Columbus, and all of La Gomera is often called "Columbina". You can wander around the narrow streets and see all the sites linked to Columbus.

From San Sebastian you can rent a car, go on a jeep safari or take a bus excursion to see the unique landscape and nature of La Gomera. Both walking and cycling is possible. The island is only 25 km in diameter, but is extremely rugged. There is a ferry from San Sebastian to Playa Santiago and Valle Gran Rey on La Gomera, and also to El Hierro which is the least known of all the Canary Islands.

For your next visit to the Canary Islands, include the wonderful island of La Gomera!