Puerto de la Cruz on Tenerife

One of the oldest resorts on Tenerife is called Puerto de la Cruz. The city is located northwest of the island and has retained much of its original charm. Even with all the hotels and tourist sights, that was built in the end of the 1960's. The city has about 32,000 inhabitants, and is with that the 8th largest city in Tenerife. Puerto de la Cruz is a little different from other destinations in the Canary Islands, as the city was not only built up for tourists, but also contains a local urban community with hotels. 

The climate here is also a bit different because you are not guaranteed sun in the same way that you are in the South of Tenerife. It rains a lot more in the north of the island, and because of this, it's lush and beautiful here, there's even a botanical garden, which is worth the visit if you are concerned about such things. You'll also find one of the best hotels in the Canary Islands, the Hotel Botanico. A five star hotel with a special oriental spa center and incredibly high standard and service.

Puerto de la Cruz has no especially beautiful beaches, but you may however be tempted with one of the world's largest saltwater swimming pool down in the horizon, the Lago Martianez. You'll also probably like to visit the best zoo in the whole of Spain, Loro Parque which is worth a visit for both children and adults. A great area to walk and relax on the small sidewalk restaurants are the little old town with a large square in the middle. Here you can sit for hours to look at people passing by and enjoy a glass of sangria and some simple tapas dishes. This area is free of cars, making it therefore a good place to relax.

Would you like to play out a little money, there are in Puerto de la Cruz a Casino with a great view over the city. Taoro Casino is located on a hill where you can look out over the sea, and where the money quickly get legs to run away with. All in all, this is holiday destination where you'll find some of the genuine Spanish and Canarian, mixed with a tourist destination, where you can relax and enjoy a pleasant holiday in Tenerife.