El Golfo Lanzarote

Another excursion you should take on your next holiday to Lanzarote, is a visit to El Golfo. This is a natural amphitheater which is open toward the sea, and was formed by a volcanic eruption in 1730. The lagoon that fills the bottom of the semicircle-shaped crater, is a result of floods, and the green color is from algae that live in the lagoon. This lake has been declared a nature reserve, and it is therefore not allowed to swim here. El Golfo is located in the southern part of the island in the municipality of Yaiza. The village of El Golfo is a few meters from the lagoon, where you can relax in any of the restaurants facing the sea with a fantastic view.

The village of El Golfo has possibly the highest concentration of fish restaurants in Lanzarote. For this reason, it is a perfect place for a sunday lunch, and many of the locals goes here on the weekends. It's nice to stroll a bit along the harbour to decide which restaurant to visit. There was talk of tearing down these great restaurants a short time ago, because they really are too close to the sea, but they are now protected. Several of the restaurants are so close to the ocean, that you can observe the staff clean and gut your lunch by the water, much to the delight of the seagulls that come to help them clean up.

There is also a very small hotel here, if you enjoy this place so much that you want to stay overnight. El Hotelito del Golfo, or the small hotel on the Gulf, has 9 rooms, a small swimming pool and a restaurant. A cozy place to spend the night in this volcano created landscape.

You can go up a hill from the village to get a nice view over the beach and the green lagoon. The trip is a bit steep, but well worth it for the view over the city, the sea and the unusual landscape is truly spectacular. On the way up through the village you will be offered to buy green rocks containing the mineral olivine. It is this together with the algae that gives the water the spectacular green color as it has. Enjoy your visit to El Golfo and Lanzarote!