Tahiche Lanzarote

Tahiche is a small village on Lanzarote, located almost midway between the more famous cities of Arrecife and the resort of Teguise. The city is perhaps best known for one of the most famous people from the island, César Manrique. He was an artist and an architect, who has made a lot of what you see around the island. Everything from sculptures, paintings and he was also developing as tourist areas were developed. His home in Tahiche is now turned into a museum, and welcomes many tourists every year who are interested in more than just the sun and beaches of Lanzarote.

The house of César Manrique does not look so overwhelming from the outside, it is painted white with wooden doors like many other houses on this island, with some palm trees located in the garden in front of the house. It was him who came on to the idea that no houses should be higher than the palms, and this is also the case here. But it is only when you go inside, you come to understand the skill of the artist. The house is built on top of a lava flow, and the window toward the back is actually built around the lava, which almost runs into the house. The garden and the pool is built so that you occasionally wonder if you are inside the house or outside in the garden.

But Tahiche is more than just the home of César Manrique. Here you will find an old restaurant called Los Aljibes. The restaurant serves no food anymore, but is transformed into a cultural center with various exhibits and events. There is also a small volcano park in Tahiche with stunning views down to Costa Teguise.

When your daytrip to Tahiche is coming to the end, it might be good to sit down on one of the restaurants in town. Café Aloe can be recommended to quench your thirst, or just to enjoy the view over the city. On your next visit to Lanzarote you should definitely take a trip to this magnificent city. Rent a car for a day, and enjoy this fantastic small town in Lanzarote.