Los Christianos Tenerife

A little friendly and charming resort town in the south of Tenerife, is Los Christianos. It has retained some of the old Spanish style, and hotels are located between common houses and apartments. The resort is not artificially constructed only for tourism, which is more the case in the neighboring town of Playa de las Americas.

Los Christianos is one of the places in Tenerife which is well visited, and is popular both because of its good climate and the pleasant life which the city has to offer. Los Christianos is essentially a fishing port, and you can here take the ferry over to the neighboring island of La Gomera, which you can see from all over the city, provided it is not very cloudy. The ferry company Fred Olsen provides a short trip across to the island of La Gomera.

Los Christianos is the first resort you come to in Tenerife, if you land on the Reina Sofia, the southern airport. The city is only a 10-15 minutes drive from the airport. Here you can enjoy a little Spanish flavor, with its narrow pedestrian streets, friendly local tapas bars and a slightly more intimate feel than some of the other island destinations. Here you will find a climate that ensures a week of a very good vacation or maybe even a longer stay. The risk of experiencing cloudy weather for a longer period of time is almost zero, at least if you compare to the northern side of Tenerife, where it can rain for days in the winter.

This city attracts perhaps a slightly older audience than what the neighboring town of Playa de Las Americas are doing. There is not many discos and nightclubs, so you can enjoy your sleep without noise from spots nearby. Los Christianos has a pleasant selection of shops and shopping centers. There is much of this except in the old town, where you do not find any hotels. The few hotels you see in Los Christianos are mostly down by the beach of Playa de las Vistas, otherwise most private apartments.

Los Christianos is probably one of the better destinations in Tenerife, when it comes to a sunny climate, a friendly and exciting city and also with lovely swimming and sunbathing opportunities. That in addition it's a short distance from many other activities on the island, do not make it into a bad alternative. Enjoy your vacation to Tenerife!