Siam Park on Tenerife

The largest water park in Europe is located in Tenerife and called Siam Park. It is not only the largest water park, but also the clearly largest theme park in Europe. From before one of the most famous activity parks in the Canary Islands, the Loro Park is also located on Tenerife. Siam Park opened its doors in September 2008, and is built in a Thai style. It runs a free shuttle service for visitors from both Los Christianos and Playa de Las Americas, and the entrance ticket costs 28 euros for adults and 18 euros for children.

One of the most spectacular attractions in the park is the surf pool that is 150 x 30 meters wide, and with artificial waves of nearly 3 meters. Another exciting event is the Tower of Power, where you fall 28 meters down the water slide, past a fish tank before the flight ends in the pool. Siam Park has many different water slides and swimming facilities.

The adventure park is not just a water park, but also have some animals as sea lions, a variety of fish and crocodiles. There are several restaurants, and you will also have the opportunity to buy some souvenirs. A boat ride on the artificial river Rio Lente with waterfalls and beautiful scenery is a pleasant and relaxing trip. The whole park is built with inspiration from Thailand, and may seem like a day trip to the East even if you enjoys a perfect holiday in Siam Park on Tenerife.