Costa Teguise on Lanzarote

Costa Teguise on Lanzarote is a relaxing resort just north of the capital Arrecife. Here you will find great beaches, a pleasant atmosphere and great and beautiful green spaces that make this a great destination. You can also find a wide range of water sports like windsurfing, scuba diving, sailing and fishing here. Perhaps the best golf course on Lanzarote, with its 3500 palm trees, is located only 2 kilometers away. Only a 20 minute ride from the airport, Costa Teguise was built up for tourism in the late 70's, and has constantly undergone renovation, and stands today as a modern tourist destination.

Costa Teguise keeps a steady good climate all year round, but it's a little more windy here than other places on the island. This also explains why there is a large wind-surfing environment here, but especially in the summer it is good with an extra breeze. Much of the activities in Costa Teguise circles around it nice and bright beach, and from many of the hotels here, you can walk right out on the sand. Activities include windsurfing, even with schools for those who haven't tried yet, this area is also suitable for cyclists and joggers. A water park is also available, which is very popular among the younger generation.

If you want to do some shopping while on vacation here, the shopping center Toca is the place to visit. Here you will find, like most other places in the Canary Islands a wide range of electronic items, jewelry and plenty of souvenirs in all price ranges. Some fine restaurants that may be recommended are; Casa Luis with good tapas dishes, Isla Bonita, with its delightful dishes from the the sea and Villa Toledo with its fantastic views over the Atlantic Ocean. A little more particular alternative is the Belgian restaurant Oscars. Here you get served noodles with shrimp, sweet and sour fish and waffles for dessert, among other great dishes.

Costa Teguise is also a good starting point if you want to travel a little on Lanzarote with a car. The old capital of Teguise is located about 15 minutes away by car. Here on every Sunday it's a vibrant market, with all kinds of products to buy. The national park Timanfaya is also a great experience, where you get a glimpse of that this actually is a volcanic island. The restaurant on top, cooks your food using only the volcanic heat, which should be experienced. All in all, this is a good destination, which should be considered before your next holiday to Lanzarote.