Sioux City on Gran Canaria

The western park of Sioux City in San Agustin, Gran Canaria is popular for visitors to the island. Sioux City was built in 1972 for recordings of westernfims. The price tag was about 1,5 million €, a fortune at the time, and it is unique and the only of its kind in Europe. Common western sets used mostly just facades, but in Sioux City on Gran Canaria, the entire city is built with real buildings. Many western movies have been recorded in Sioux City, Take a high ride is perhaps the best known. Many different well-known artists such as James Brown, has also appeared in the western park.

Today, Sioux City is an amusement park for the whole family. The park is located between Bahia Feliz and San Agustin, and is open tuesday to sunday from 10.00 to 17.00, and friday nights have a barbeque with the show from 20.00 to 24.00. It is also possible to rent the entire park in the evening if you wish to arrange a cowboy party, a birthday for children with cowboy and indian shows, or maybe even a western wedding!

Entrance tickets cost 21 € for adults and 15 € for children all days, while the barbecue-evening on fridays costs 52 € for adults and 22 € for children. Now there are activities such as horseback riding, a play area for the kids with games, variety shows with bank robbers, sheriffs, outlaws, cowboys, indians and all that belongs to a western movie.

Sioux City opened in 2007 a separate department with snakes, reptiles, spiders, and it's already world-famous white crocodile that by 8000 children in July 2009 was named Cristiano Ronaldo.

There are also various souvenir shops in Sioux City, you can have taken a wanted dead or alive photo and many other cowboy effects, just make sure you do not end up in prison. Sioux City is one of the best theme parks on Gran Canaria, and is highly recommended if you are a little cowboy interested. Have a fabulous holiday on Gran Canaria, and visit the western park of Sioux City.