New theme parks on Gran Canaria

The local authorities want to build some new theme parks in the south of Gran Canaria. To attract more tourists to the island, it becomes more important to offer something more than just sun and the beaches. They has in the recent years built several golf courses, and now several theme parks are planned.

Maybe it will be built an aquarium near Bahia Feliz, who will be right by the sea, and shall also be designed for school classes to visit, in addition to tourists.

This is one of many investments made to improve tourism on the island. In addition, renovation have started in the areas Bahia Feliz, San Agustin and Playa del Ingles. This is a well needed action, to help the weary areas. This is done by the same model as one used on Mallorca for a few years back, and that was a success.

We can only hope that Gran Canaria is an even bigger success than what they managed to get with the popular island outside the Spanish mainland. Anyway so far the future looks good, already the amount of visitors to Gran Canaria are up from last year.