The 10 best beaches on Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is a destination that attracts many tourists every year, and has almost done it for 40 years now. The island has been a favorite among many, and the good climate can take a large portion of the credit for it. When we travel to the Canary Islands, a walk on the beach is mandatory, and here comes a list of the 10 best beaches of Gran Canaria.

10. The dunes in Maspalomas is maybe the most used beach on postcards from Gran Canaria. Here you can walk up and down for hours, or just soak up the sun in the water's edge.

9. La Garita is a small town between the airport and Las Palmas. The beach is no longer than 150 meters, but the beach here it's full of life on the weekends, often with live music.

8. The white sandy beach at Anfi del Mar is nice and look at, but it can get crowded with people sometimes. A good place to meet Scandinavian travellers.

7. The beach at Salinetas is not that prefered by so many tourists, but amazingly many from Las Palmas travel here just to relax on the weekends. Many people have holiday homes here.

6. Melenara is next Salinetas, and the beach is large with diverse restaurants and eateries. Both of these should be experienced on a Sunday, when it is full of people.

5. Las Burras beach of San Agustin was one of the first who received tourists on Gran Canaria. This is the favorite among the Swedish visitors to this island.

4. Playa del Ingles is perhaps the beach on Gran Canaria that are the most familiar to everybody. Here you will find a wide variety of water sports, shopping, bars and restaurants.

3. Amadores has become the new favorite among many visitors. The sand here is also white, and you can find som more space here, compared with the beach at Anfi de Mar.

2 Playa de Gui Gui is a secluded beach on Gran Canaria. It is located on the west coast of the island and both a car and hiking boots must be brought, but a one hour walk to and from your car is worth the effort.

1. Playa de las Canteras, the city beach in Las Palmas is the winner on this list. This three-kilometer-long beach is almost reminiscent of Copacabana, with all its crowds. Here you can sunbathe, swim and relax on one of the many sidewalk restaurants, and just look at people and enjoy life. Have a nice holiday!